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Molly and Eme Join Up for Summer Fashion Show in Shinjuku

Happy Ningels participated in the collaborative “Nico☆Petit x Keio Department Store” Fashion Show held Wednesday, August 15th, in the special event space on the 7th floor of the Keio Department Store in Shinjuku.



On the day of the event, the Happy Ningels booth opened at 10 AM. Given the location in Shinjuku and timing during summer vacation, it was no surprise that many families came to enjoy the event.



The Happy Ningels booth provided all kinds of entertainment for visitors, with videos on display, playable game demos, photo ops, and an inflatable pool filled with adorable squeeze toys.

Not to be missed was the section displaying Happy Ningels merchandise, which for the very first time included a capsule vending machine stocked with limited-edition pin badges, enticing visitors to try their luck at landing the various available patterns based on the adorable Happy Ningels LINE stickers.


↓Happy Ningels LINE stickers available here (link to Japanese site):


Of course, Molly and Eme were especially excited for the main event, the fashion show.

The audience was certainly excited when the Ningels they had met at our booth made their way on stage, with Molly and Eme joining up with the models to enliven the already festive atmosphere.
Molly was seen checking out the runway after the show… maybe she was hoping for a chance to strut her stuff?



Even with the sweltering weather, those who gathered for this special summer fashion show helped make the event a great success.


Keep your eyes peeled for future Happy Ningels events—we’ve got lots planned!

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