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Regional Mascots Gather for Event in Otaru

Happy Ningels joined with other regional mascots to participate in “Yuru Tabe Live in Otaru 2019,” hosted the weekend of May 4th and 5th at Wing Bay Otaru. Keep reading for a peek at the action!

Held during the extended “Golden Week” holiday period at the Wing Bay Otaru shopping mall (conveniently located near JR Otaru Chikko Station), the event featured regional mascots gathered from throughout Japan. Crowds eagerly gathered in front of the stage in the 1st Floor “Nature Chamber” to take in the spectacle.

Molly and friends were happy to contribute to lively stage performances.
Maybe they were a bit nervous before taking the stage?

The Ningels enjoyed mingling with Ungappa and other mascots, and the opportunity to interact with visitors by posing for commemorative photographs.
Our booth featured a variety of merchandise for sale.

The two-day event was unquestionably a success, and we appreciated the hard work by the staff involved, and all those who came out to partake!

Keep your eyes peeled for future Happy Ningels events—we’ve got lots planned!

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