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Happy Ningels events held February 7th, 8th, and 10th at HTB Snow Square

Molly and Eme from With U Co., Ltd.’s popular game application Happy Ningels made appearances during the 66th Sapporo Snow Festival (held February 5th to 11th), with crowds gathering for photo ops and the “Happy Ningels on Stage” events held at the Odori Site on the 7th, 8th, and 10th.

Sapporo’s world-renowned winter event, the Sapporo Snow Festival is held across multiple venues including the city’s Odori Park, with snow and ice sculptures both small and large central to this winter spectacle. For this year’s 66th Snow Festival, approximately 2.35 million tourists visited Hokkaido from both Japan and abroad, making this one of the biggest events in the prefecture.

Happy Ningels’ Molly and Eme made multiple appearances during the festival period at the TV Tower located at Odori 1-chome. Additionally, a special “Happy Ningels on Stage” event was held at the HTB Snow Square located at Odori 8-chome on the 7th, 8th and 10th. With an impressive snow sculpture of the Middle Gate of Kasuga-Taisha shrine (a World Heritage site in Nara prefecture) as the background, they had a wonderful time with visitors from around the world.

For the special event, Molly and Eme appeared on stage to warm cheers from the audience. The first half of the event consisted of a true or false quiz where Happy Ningels merchandise was provided to participants who answered correctly; with the audience fired up, the second half of the event allowed enthusiastic members of the audience the opportunity to take photos together with the Ningels stars. Additionally, “Terebi-Tosan” (mascot for the Sapporo TV Tower) participated in events on the 7th and 10th, while “Dokodemo Yukichan” (mascot for the inauguration of the Hokkaido Shinkansen bullet train line) participated on the 8th. The events were a huge success, with audience members filling up the venues and lining up for photos, regardless of their gender, age, or nationality.

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The aforementioned events also provided an opportunity to promote the “Kodomo 110-ban no Mise” community safety project with special posters featuring Molly, thereby supporting the efforts of local businesses working to advance the vision of a safe and secure Sapporo. As part of the project, stickers featuring the project logo are distributed to businesses registered with the Sapporo Community Safety Supporters. Through the visible placement of said stickers, these establishments indicate their participation in the project, and willingness to serve as a temporary refuge for children in need of help—for example, should a child seek safety after encountering a stranger, they would be protected from harm as the police were contacted via phone (using emergency number 110). Carefully crafted to ensure they are understood by even the youngest of children, posters featuring Molly are displayed in locations such as the Sapporo Children Clubhouse and Maruyama Zoo, and were similarly posted at the Odori 6-chome and Odori 9-chome sections of the Odori Site.
In addition, starting from 11 AM on the 10th, Molly met up with Hokkaido Prefectural Police Department mascot “Hokuto-kun” at the Odori 6-chome Lost Child Center, joining forces for an awareness-promotion event as a part of the campaign for prevention of bank transfer fraud. Molly was happy to participate in these activities to help educate visitors from all over Japan.


We will continue to tweet about the latest Happy Ningels news—Molly and Eme events, Happy Ningels merchandise, game information, etc.—on the official With U Co., Ltd. Twitter account (@WithU_news), so make sure to follow us!

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