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Happy Ningels’ Molly and Eme will be at Tokyo Skytree Town’s Solamachi Square the Weekend of December 23rd and 24th, with fun and games for visitors, and even a chance for some early Christmas presents!

Main characters Molly and Eme from the internationally-renowned game Happy Ningels will be visiting Tokyo Solamachi, a commercial facility located in Tokyo Skytree Town. During this weekend of fun, there will be playable demos for the Happy Ningels and Tasty Trek games, sales of adorable merchandise, and quizzes and games open to audience participation. It’s sure to be a wonderful Christmas event for couples and families alike!

Event Details

  • Dates: Saturday, December 23rd–Sunday, December 24th, 2017
  • Hours:
    • 10 AM–5 PM on December 23rd
    • 10 AM–4:30 PM on December 24th (sales until 4 PM)
  • Venue: Solamachi Square (East Yard 1F, Block 8)
  • Activities: Playable demos of both games, sales of related merchandise, games and contests open to audience participation, appearances by the Happy Ningels mascots

Happy Ningels Event Schedule*
1st Appearance (starting at 11:30):   Quiz Game
2nd Appearance (starting at 13:00):  Rock, Paper, Scissors Contest
3rd Appearance (starting at 14:00):   Quiz Game
*(The same schedule applies to both Saturday and Sunday)

■Happy Ningels Quiz Game (participation open to all): participants test their knowledge regarding Happy Ningels, Skytree, and Solamachi, with those answering correctly rewarded with Happy Ningels merchandise!

■Happy Ningels Rock, Paper, Scissors Contest (children only): children face off in this friendly competition, with the winner rewarded with Happy Ningels merchandise!

For more information, check the official website for Solamachi Square event information (in Japanese):

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