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Molly and Friends Join Up for Major Hokkaido Television Broadcasting (HTB) Event

Happy Ningels participated in the “Sosei Square HTB Matsuri” festivities, held October 12th through 14th to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first broadcast as well as relocation to new headquarters this year.
Molly and friends brought their special touch to the event, providing entertainment over three days at the Sapporo Factory venue.


With merchandise for sale and playable game demos, the Happy Ningels booth was centrally located in the Chimney Plaza area of the venue. While the weather didn’t entirely cooperate, with less-than-ideal conditions on Friday (10/12) and Sunday (10/14), numerous visitors nevertheless came out to partake in the fun.




On Friday, Molly and friends—while maybe a tad nervous—enjoyed mingling with the staff of HTB’s evening “Ichioshi” program.
For those who caught a glimpse of Molly on TV, how did she look?




Molly, Eme, and Kimbo enjoyed interacting with the beloved HTB mascot “On-chan.” Aside from commemorative photo ops, they also had the chance to jump on stage to participate in the morning calisthenics segment alongside On-chan as part of the “Ichimoni” morning show.

The Ningels were joined on stage by Ichimoni’s Haruka Takahashi, who lent Molly a hand introducing Happy Ningels and highlighting their involvement in the IKA-NO-O-SU-SHI safety promotion campaign.




A few glimpses of Molly, as she helped out throughout the event to ensure its success:

↑Just what were On-chan and Molly talking about?

↑Mingling with visitors during break time


↑Whether working the booth or taking a break, Molly was always happy to make new friends!


The three-day event was unquestionably a success, and Happy Ningels appreciated all the hard work by the HTB staff.

Keep your eyes peeled for future Happy Ningels events—we’ve got lots planned!


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